Saturday, October 25, 2008

Father Krisis vs Yohji Yamamoto

If the credit crisis (and this whole ALL OF YOUR MONEY'S ON FCKING FIRE FOREVER AND EVER!!!! thing) were personified, he'd be like an anti Santa Claus. He'd be all huge and ugly and scary, and instead of giving you crap, he'd take it away, and he'd have a name like Father Krisis. So, here's my letter to Father Krisis...
Dear Father Krisis,

       Several months ago, an evil and tasteless man from Japan, named Yohji Yamamoto, opened up two pieces of architectural botulism at the intersection of the West Village and the Meat Packing District. You don't need to take away Yohji's life, or even his right arm, but if you could take these two stores away, I would love you forever!
       See, the West Village is the best neighborhood in New York (and ergo, the world) to live in, and the Meat Packing District was once the coolest neighborhood in the history of man, and it's as if Yohji found an intercontinental toilet, that leads from Ginza to the West Village, and he's just emptying his bowels here. It's offensive, and it has to end!
       The first store looks like a Foot Locker, and the other one looks like a Pottery Barn take on a Bauhaus building made for a shopping mall in Tampa.

Thank You Father Krisis,